standard-title Tungsten Rings FAQ

Tungsten Rings FAQ

Tungsten Rings FAQ

1. Can tungsten rings be sized?

No, tungsten rings can not be sized.  Tungsten carbide is too difficult for any jeweler to work with and is virtually impossible to resize.  Therefore is proud to offer Lifetime Ring Sizing.  We don’t ever want you to feel like you’re stuck with a tungsten ring that no longer fits.  Give us a call and we’ll give you a Lifetime Guarantee Authorization to send back the ring and get a brand new ring in whatever size you need.

2. Can tungsten rings be engraved?

Yes, tungsten rings can be engraved! has a special engraving machine that allows us to engrave the inside of our tungsten carbide wedding rings.  Typically there is a 15 character limit (including spaces).  However, if you require more letters, please give us a call and we will try to accommodate your engraving.  Additional fees may apply.  All of the engraving is done here in our factory so there are no delays.

3. Can tungsten rings be removed in case of emergency?

Yes, however first we recommend soaking your finger in very cold water and applying a lubricant like hand lotion, petroleum jelly or even window cleaner to see if you are able to slide the tungsten ring off your finger.  If you still can not remove the tungsten ring, a vice grip can be used to gently crack the tungsten carbide ring.

4. What size should I order?

Typically, a local jewelry store will size your finger with a finger sizer that looks like a bunch of rings on a keychain.  This is a non-comfort fit ring sizer.  Our tungsten rings are comfort fit so therefore in our opinion, we do recommend for you to order a ½ size down.

5. What is the quality of the tungsten carbide used by

Here at we use the highest quality materials available.  Our tungsten carbide rings are 100% cobalt FREE.  We use a nickel binder which will not oxidize or cause allergic reactions.

6. Why

We offer only the highest quality tungsten carbide rings with the latest styles and designs and unbeatable prices and customer service.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Give us a call about custom design tungsten rings.

7. What can I expect with my purchase of a tungsten ring from

You will not only receive the best quality tungsten carbide ring on the market but you will receive a free beautiful ring box, free domestic shipping, and a company that stands 100% behind it’s product.  We offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our tungsten carbide wedding rings so you will always have peace of mind.

8. How to contact

Phone: 360 200 8805
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customerservice at

9. What forms of payment does accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal and wire transfer.