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Mens Tungsten Rings

right photoA men’s tungsten carbide ring is crafted from the hardest metal alloy used in tungsten jewelry manufacturing. Tungsten carbide contains equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms, is approximately three times stiffer than steel and is much denser than steel or titanium. Because of its density, tungsten rings offer the nice weighty hand feel of a quality ring. Tungsten carbide has gained popularity in the jewelry market particularly in the category of men’s tungsten wedding bands and ranks among one of the hottest jewelry trends in recent years. These rings are extremely resistant to scratches or scuff marks and are particularly ideal for men (or women) who work with their hands. Because of tungsten’s density and hardness, however, a common misconception is that mens tungsten carbide rings cannot be removed in the course of medical treatment. This is simply not true. If necessary, emergency rooms and many full-service jewelry repair shops and equipped with tools that can either cut through the ring or shatter the ring without injuring the wearer’s hand or finger. Not to worry! In the rare instance that your ring is damaged or destroyed, we will replace the ring for a small deductible. All of our tungsten rings are covered by a lifetime guarantee in case of damage or a new ring size, as tungsten cannot be resized. But perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of tungsten rings is their price point. If you’re in the market for mens rings cheap, tungsten is very affordable compared to gold or platinum while still providing a quality, beautiful men’s tungsten ring that will last generations. We offer tungsten rings at very competitive prices because we are both the manufacturer and retailer, cutting out the middleman. Tungsten rings come in a wide variety of styles, including beveled tungsten, black tungsten, mens Celtic ring, concave rings, domed rings, faceted rings, grooved rings, his and her matching rings, laser design rings, pipe cut rings, step rings and inlay rings. If you’re shopping for a classical wedding band style, browse through our domed, grooved, pipe cut, step or inlay rings. If you’re interested in something trendier, be sure to view our black tungsten and laser design rings. All of our tungsten rings are backed by a lifetime guarantee and are 100% cobalt free. We also offer a no-delay engraving service to personalize your ring.