standard-title Emergency Removal of Tungsten Rings

Emergency Removal of Tungsten Rings

A tungsten carbide wedding ring can easily be removed in emergency situations, though the method most effective does not include “cutting”it off. The only tool one will need is a standard pair of vice grip style locking pliers, and we will explain exactly how to remove a tungsten carbide wedding band if it will not slide off in the normal fashion. Do not attempt to use standard ring cutters.

Place the vice grip style locking pliers over the carbide tungsten rings and adjust the jaws to clamp lightly. Release and adjust the tightener one third of a turn and then clamp to the tungsten ring again. Repeat until a crack is heard, and then continue clamping in different positions until the hard material breaks away. Take care not to slide or rotate the cracked tungsten ring on the finger. If the tungsten ring contains an inlay of gold, the exposed gold can then be cut or clipped in the usual fashion.

Usually medical situations in which this becomes a necessity include rapid weight gain and hand injuries. When we have seen wedding bands be removed in the past, it is almost always because they have bent out of round or been smashed, making it incredibly uncomfortable and painful for the person wearing the ring. A tungsten ring will never bend. In fact, if you were to drop something very heavy on it or slam it in the trunk of your car, it would break before it would bend, and simply fall off your finger. In this case, you would likely be safer wearing a tungsten ring than one made with precious metals.

Remember, your best bet is to just remove your tungsten ring when you’re lifting weights, rock climbing, or anything of the sort.